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Whar Do You Know About Linda Wishkob free essay sample

The Wishkobs took Linda in, gave her their name and raised her as their own on the Indian reservation for a better life. â€Å"Every morning until I was eleven, they woke me up before everybody, Albert said put your feet out Tuffy† which was a nickname given to her by one of her sibling. â€Å"He pulled me one way while Betty pulled the other way’’ (p65) The Wishkob used this method to untwist Linda legs in order for them to grow in a way that will make her look normal. This left Linda abnormality free. Betty and Albert did their best to give Linda the best possible life. In this adopted family Linda grew up with love and patience. Tuffy grew up and turned into a wonderful, strong, loving woman. She was no longer that four year old girl who would not stop crying until she was in her mommy’s arm. We will write a custom essay sample on Whar Do You Know About Linda Wishkob or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Years had passed, she had a job in the local post office, when her adoptive parents passed she stepped up to take care of the family home and the dogs and was living independently. She was strong and could stand on her on. One day her biological mother contacts her. â€Å"I took a deep breath said nothing and set the phone back in the cradle. (pg 66) In that moment, Tuffy had taken the power, and rejected the women who abandoned her. Linda eventually agrees to meet her biological mother for dinner. During the meal her mother offers to pay for meal , Linda said â€Å"no thank you, we will split the check† (p67). In this moment, Lindas actions demonstrates her strong attitude, that she is now her own person and that it is too late for her mother to act like she cares about her. At the restaurant Nancy took one look at Linda and she said â€Å"you aren’t† (p67) and Linda finished the sentence by saying â€Å"Retarded? Lame? † (pg67). Nancy Lasher realizes that the weak, deformed, unwanted girl she abandoned in the hospital was no more. In spite of her lapse as  real mother Linda survived. Linda had  lead a more normal life than everyone had expected including the people who brought her unto this earth. Yes, Linda was now strong, independent and had changed for the best. Later during the dinner her mother reveals her true intention for seeking her out. Mrs. Lasher was seeking to save the life of Linden, Lindas twin. In spite of this callous request for her kidney to save her brother’s life, Linda demonstrate her strength of character and compassion when she agrees to give her twin the kidney he needs to save his life. Linda was far from perfect. However her life journey had taken her from an abandoned, left for dead, weak, and unwanted, into a strong, loved, independent, compassionate, and needed young women.

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St. Basils Cathedral free essay sample

Basil’s Cathedral As legend has it, the builders of St. Basil’s Cathedral were blinded by the command of Ivan the Terrible, so they could never create a building greater. There is still the question if St. Basil’s is actually the most beautiful cathedral made in its time. Comparing it to the beautiful Pisa Cathedral and Assumption Cathedral, which were made around the same time, one could find it hard to decide which is the most artistic. Looking at the materials, art, and icons of cathedrals are ways to gauge how beautiful the building is. St. The cathedral originally had nineteen arches extended from from four stories of arcades, but due to decomposition there are only eight left. The cathedral includes the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the walled cemetery, or Camposanto, on the north side and the baptistery on the west. The cathedral boundaries is named the Campo dei miracoli or the Court of Miracles. We will write a custom essay sample on St. Basils Cathedral or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It is made out of white stone on the outside and on the inside it is covered with many mosaics and frescoes. On the outside of the cathedral there is a Gothic-style tabernacle. Many of the mosaics on the inner walls of the cathedral depict the stories of the genesis. The door in the east portal of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is the cathedral’s bell tower, is carved with scenes from the New Testament and Prophets. The Knudsen 3 door of the cathedrals west portal depict scenes from the lives of the Virgin Mary and Christ. In 1326, Ivan I was persuaded by Metropolitan Peter, who was a bishop with authority over bishops of provinces, to make a cathedral dedicated to the Holy Virgin in Moscow. Construction began on the cathedral called Assumption Cathedral on August 4, 1326, and in the following year Moscow became the capital of Russia. In 1472 it started to decay and was rebuilt by two Pskov architects, Kryvtsov and Myshkin. After two years of construction and nearing its completion, it suddenly collapsed because of an earthquake, an extremely rare event in Moscow. A new Italian architect and engineer, named Aristotle Fioravanti, was entrusted with the task of building the cathedral from scratch. In 1472 the foundation for the new cathedral was laid, and in 1479, 153 years after it was begun, the cathedral was declared sacred. Assumption Cathedral is still standing today and is a six-pillared building with five apses and five domes. The outside is made of white stone blocks. Inside the cathedral the masonry is filled with pieces of rough stone used in the walls to fill the cavities. The pillars, drums, and the alter wall are made out of brick. There are large paintings on the pillars stretching from the ground to the bottom of the domes. Assumption Cathedral is famous for its murals. The walls are painted in extremely fine detail, and on the top of the walls there are images of God. On the middle of the Knudsen 4 walls, there are paintings of the Life of the Virgin. On the bottom of the walls there are images of the seven ecumenical councils. The song â€Å"The Last Judgement† is painted on the west wall. Numerous figures of martyrs are painted on the pillars, and there are also many icons. There used to be an icon of â€Å"Our Lady of Vladimir,† but later on the icon was moved to St. Basil’s Cathedral so it wouldn’t be stolen because it was so expensive. There are icons of the Virgin Hodegetria, Saint George, Trinity. There is a large iconostasis, which is a screen bearing icon that separates the sanctuary from the nave, that occupies the whole wide wall of the cathedral. One of Russia’s most famous monuments is St. Basil’s Cathedral located in Red Square. It is said that the cathedral is located where another church with a cemetery stood. That cemetery is said to be the cemetery in which the religious St. Basil was buried. â€Å"Basil died in the odor of sanctity after having predicted the crime which would taint the Tsar, Ivan IV, the Terrible, when he killed his own firstborn son in a fit of rage Ivan had the cathedral built between 1555 and 1561, following his victory over the Tartars after a lengthy period of conflict. The Tsar wished to celebrate the invasion of the city of Kazan by recting a spectacular building that would immortalize his memory; similarly, in Dyakovo, he commissioned the church of the Decapitation of Knudsen 5 St. John the Baptist to celebrate the birth of Ivan, his firstborn son who he would later murder† (Ciaga 148). The architecture of St. Basil’s is amazing! St. Basil’s is 63,507. 07 sq. ft. â€Å"The plan of the cathedral is formed by th e intersection of two squares, one of which is rotated by 45 degrees: this creates a symmetrical structure made up of eight chapels, situated in each of the eight tips formed by the intersection and an octagonal central space. The idea was that within one complex structure there would be nine smaller churches† (Ciaga 150). The exterior is made out of white and crimson bricks and have seven onion topped domes painted various colors. The various heights of the towers were studied extremely carefully following a proportional system rotating the lesser and greater heights around the tallest tower, which is in the center. The cathedral is painted with many colors. The domes are painted with green, yellow, red, blue, black, white, and gold colors. The domes are called onion topped domes because of their shape. They are textured with zig-zags, arches, slanted lines, and some of the domes somewhat resemble houses. The inside has frescos that decorate the ceiling and are painted with green, orange, blue, yellow, red, purple, gold, and black colors. Pisa Cathedral is extremely simple and that is what makes it beautiful. Assumption Cathedral more beautiful than Pisa Cathedral because of its famous for detailed murals Knudsen 6 and its simplicity. St. Basil’s Cathedral is more beautiful than Assumption Cathedral and Pisa Cathedral because of all of its colors, domes, and its history. St. Basil’s Cathedral has multiple little churches in it and it is extremely colorful and spacious. Pisa Cathedral is beautiful because of it is simple but beautiful. Assumption Cathedral is an amazing example of medieval architecture. After looking over all of the details, St. Basil’s is the most beautiful because of all the colors and its history.

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General Biological Evolution Example

General Biological Evolution Example General Biological Evolution – Coursework Example General Biological Evolution al Affiliation Evolution and the age of the earth have always been two topics having contentious explanation and neither is too strong to stand without critique. This work will look at biological evolution which has been used to explain the diversity between various organisms and also the relationship between them. The essay will also critique the creation theory which also stands to explain the origin and diversity of organisms. According to biological evolution, organisms had a similar origin. However, over the years the organisms have evolved differently according to what the environment dictates. Adaptation and natural selection ensures that only the best suited organisms are left living while the rest become extinct (Munday, 2008). Variation in various organisms as explained by the biological theory is due to micro and macro evolution. Micro evolution is brought about by four processes which include genetic drift, mutation, natural selection and gen e flow. All these, though happening over large periods of time make the organisms to vary and it can be the source of new species. Macro evolution on the other hand refers to the evolution emanating from the separation of gene pools. This is also significant in explaining biological evolution. Scripture versus Biological EvolutionAccording to John C. Munday who authored Scripture and Biological Evolution, the scripture is against biological evolution by asserting that animals did not die before the fall (1). Animals started dying after man sinned against God. Therefore using this assertion, it is claimed that there was no evolution before the fall. The scripture also uses the creation of Adam and Eve directly into the people they were and not from evolution as a reason to disregard biological evolution. ReferencesMunday, J. C. (2008). Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design. Munday, J. C. (2008). Scripture and Biological Evolution. Regent University.

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Examples of Linguistic Conversion or Zero Derivation

Examples of Linguistic Conversion or Zero Derivation In English grammar, conversion is a word-formation process that assigns an existing word to a different word class (part of speech) or syntactic category. This process is also known as a functional shift or zero derivation. The rhetorical term for grammatical conversion is anthimeria. Examples ofLinguistic Conversion Lets not Rumsfeld Afghanistan.(Senator Lindsey Graham, quoted in Time magazine, Aug. 24, 2009)Boyes spent the night with Mr. Vaughan, and they breakfasted together in the usual way upon bacon and eggs, toast, marmalade and coffee.(Dorothy L. Sayers, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, 1928)One writer who went on a tour of New Yorks Harlem district was shown the place where Adam C. Powell was funeralised. Another letter detailed an American friends eagerness to see the Prince of Wales coronated. On a flight to Boston, flight attendants promised passengers they would soon beverage, but later, because of adverse weather conditions, they said they were unable to complete beverisation. Asked about this trend, one American quipped: Any noun can be verbed.(Kevin Courtney, Con Text Verbing. The Irish Times, March 18, 2008) The Strategy of Conversion Consider sentences such as:- Henry downed a pint of beer.- Melissa went to town and did a buy.English, we note, lacks a simple means of saying to do something in one fell swoop. This may be why the word down can be converted into a verb to mean drink down in one gulp, and the word buy into a noun which, when combined with the verb do, means go on a single massive shopping spree. This type of fast-moving, thorough activity may represent a change in the pace of life, which is in turn reflected in the language since we increasingly make use of conversionsthe conversion of one part of speech into another.(Jean Aitchison, Language Change: Progress or Decay? Cambridge University Press, 1991) Shakespeare's Conversions Shakespeare was the conversion expert. I eared her language. He words me. Some of his conversions seem really daring. Even the name of a person can become a verb. Petruchio is Kated. But all he was doing was tapping into a natural everyday usage that is still with us.(David Crystal, The Story of English in 100 Words. St. Martins Press, 2012) Which Came First? Almost all the examples [of zero conversion] are of shifts between noun, verb, and adjective. In some instances the direction of the shift is clear. We have had the noun text for a long time, but it has come to be used as a verb only recently with reference to sending messages full of abbreviations via mobile/cell phone. In other instances, we might hesitate to say which part of speech came first, as with plot, for instance. Was it a noun first or was it a verb first?(Barry J. Blake, All About Language. Oxford University Press, 2008) Conversion and Meaning Meaning is crucial to the system of word-classes, [...] as it is to the recognition of instances of conversion. Even if it were not for the homophonous noun plane carpenters tool, we would not wish to relate to plane smooth a piece of wood and a plane aircraft by conversion, because their meanings are not sufficiently close. What is a sufficiently close meaning (and how it can be defined) remains an open question. A slightly dubious example is to bank turn an aircraft and a bank side of a hill which, despite their etymological relatedness, may no longer be close enough semantically for us to wish to say that the same relationship holds between them as between to bridge and a bridge. Somehow, then, we need to operationalise the notion of related in meaning to a sufficient degree to allow us to recognise potential instances of conversion.(Laurie Bauer and Salvador Valera, Conversion or Zero-Derivation: An Introduction. Approaches to Conversion/Zero-Derivation, ed. by L. Bauer and S. Va lera. Waxmann, 2005) Pronunciation: kon-VER-zhun (a/k/a functional shift, role shifting, zero derivation, category shift)

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Treating and Preventing Pressure Ulcers Article

Treating and Preventing Pressure Ulcers - Article Example The original review found no studies that would meet the inclusion criteria and that there was no statistically significant difference among groups in terms of pressure ulcer incidence. Further evaluation and studies need to be conducted regarding the effectiveness of risk assessment tools. The randomized controlled trial was utilized as the design of the study. Methods include were the Braden pressure ulcer risk assessment tool and training, unstructured risk assessment and training, and unstructured risk assessment alone. The population included 256 people randomized by ward into three groups. The strengths of the study included the focus made on resolving biases such as sequence generation, allocation concealment, blinding, incomplete outcome data, selective outcome reporting, and extreme baseline imbalance. Limitations of the study include methodological limitations that prevent firm conclusions and unavailability of high-quality RCT evidence. The article of Jaul (2010) discussed the pathogenesis of pressure ulcer development in the elderly (p. 311). Elderly were assessed in terms of comorbidities, risk factor, and management of pressure ulcers.The review found out the pressure ulcers were common problems of elderly in all types of healthcare settings. Immobility, nutritional deficiency, chronic diseases, and multisystem dysfunction predispose the elderly to the development of pressure ulcers. Factors related to the overall health status of the patients and the management done by health care practitioners affect the development and treatment of pressure ulcers. The article is primarily a review; no research design stated. Methods employed were the review of literature and studies. There was no specific population stated but elderly in general. The vast majority of literature and studies were the strengths of the article. Limitations focused only on review of the risk factor, wound, pathogenesis, and management of pressure ulcers.

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The Marketing Strategy Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

The Marketing Strategy Project - Research Paper Example This is a feasibility report for the establishment of nightclubs in the United Kingdom. An organization that is currently operating some nightclubs in the United States seeks to expand into the European market and is interested in targeting its preliminary efforts in the U.K. This country has a vibrant history of active nightclub life with the latest record labels and new artists being introduced here. The New York nightclub that has opened several facilities across the United States using the same principles of urban music, designer food and dà ©cor and good food and music and the organization has experienced some degree of success and is in a   healthy position to consider expansion into the European market. The U.K. scenario: The selection of the U.K. offers several advantages. Next, to the United States, it has the highest proportions of nightclub traffic. The common language of English used in the UK reduces barriers that may be created by communication difficulties.   New York City laws on smoking and noise control have resulted in the loss of some business for the nightclub and this is aggravated by the fact that the customers are not loyal to one club but are constantly on the lookout for the latest hot spot (Crains, 2004). However, in contrast, the UK offers the facility of a new Licensing Act that provides for a 24 hour, composite license to open and operate a nightclub, provide drinks, refreshment and entertainment. Several of the trendy new pop artists who are gaining popularity is from the U.K., as are film and media personalities including the famous Rowling. Consumers in the UK are young, savvy, trendy and contributing significantly to the success of nightclub-related ventures and new record labels. Therefore the UK offers an exciting new market for the U.S. Company to consider. On the negative side, a research study conducted by the Mintel group(2004) shows that nightclubs in the U.K. have been struggling for the past two years due to increased competition from other leisure time activities, including summer music festivals.

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Cheque Case Essay Example for Free

Cheque Case Essay A check bounces either because there is not enough money or credit in a bank to cover its amount, as in DAIF (drawn against insufficient funds check), NSF (non-sufficient funds check) and closed account. Batas Pambasa Blg. 22 punishes any person who, KNOWING at the time he issues a check in payment of obligation that he does not have sufficient funds or credit with the drawee bank. The gravamen of this special penal law is the issuance of check, not the non-payment of the obligation. (Lozano vs. Martinez, 146 SCRA 323). Checks form part of the banking system for being substitutes for money. Hence, BP Blg. 22 is neither violative of the constitutional provision against imprisonment of non-payment of debt nor the non-impairment clause. In the case of Que vs. People, the Supreme Court settled that B.P.22 applies even in cases where the dishonored checks were issued merely in the form of a DEPOSIT or a GUARANTY and not as actual payment. The law does not make any distinction. Criminal liability attaches to the drawer of the check whether it was issued in payment of an obligation or merely to guarantee the said obligation. PRESCRIPTION, which is the termination of the right to prosecute is a defense in B.P. 22. The lapse of four (4) years AFTER the expiration of the five (5) banking days from notice of dishonor is the prescriptive period for filing bounced check case. Whereas, if a person, at the time the check was issued, had the intention of stopping payment of check, shall be guilty of estafa under the Revised Penal Code. In estafa, the issuance of a post-dated or check without funds is intended to defraud and to cause damage to the payee. Deceit is an element of estafa while the same is not required in BP Blg. 22. A person therefore, who issues a check in payment of an obligation can be held liable at the same time for violation of B.P. 22 and estafa under Article 315, par. 2 (d) of the Revised Penal Code. Foreign checks, provided either they are drawn and issued in the Philippines, though payable outside, are within the coverage of the law. (De Villa vs. CA, 195 SCRA 722). The signatory/ies are the ones liable under the law whether the bounced check is issued by natural or juridical person because the corporation cannot be subject to arrest and criminal liability.